Dance Dance Revolution

Master Song List:



DDR - Dance Dance Revolution DS - Dancing Stage (British naming of DDR)
1st - DDR 1st Mix 1.5 - DDR 1st Mix Internet Ranking Version
2nd - DDR 2nd Mix 2nd Link - DDR 2nd Mix Link Version
3rd - DDR 3rd Mix 3rd+ - DDR 3rd Mix Plus
4th - DDR 4th Mix 4th+ - DDR 4th Mix Plus
5th - DDR 5th Mix 6th - DDR MAX (6th Mix)
7th - DDR MAX 2 (7th Mix) DS:DCT - Dreams Come True
DS:TKD - True Kiss Destination DISNEY - Disney Eurobeat
BASS - DDR BASS Solo Mix 2000 - DDR BASS 2000 Solo Mix
Club - DDR Club Mix Club2 - DDR Club Mix 2
PS1 - DDR for Playstation PS2 - 2nd Mix for Playstation
PS3 - 3rd Mix for Playstation PS4 - 4th Mix for Playstation
PSE - Extra Mix for Playstation PS5 - 5th Mix for Playstation

The List:

Song Appeared in
1.59DDR 4th/4th+/5th/PS4
21,2,3,4,007DDR 4th/4th+/5th/PS4
317DDR 5th
420, NovemberDDR 2nd/2nd Link/3rd/4th/4th+/Club/Club2/PS2/PS3
522 DunkDDR Club2
65.1.1.DDR Club2
7AbsoluteDDR 5th
8AbyssDDR 5th
10AfronovaDDR 3rd/4th/4th+/2000/PS3
11Afronova (Remix)DDR 7th
12Afronova PrimevalDDR 5th
13After the Game of LoveDDR 3rd+/4th/4th+/PS3
14Against All Odds (Definitive Mix)DDR 5th
15AM-3PDDR 2nd/2nd Link/4th/4th+/PS2/PS3
16AM-3P (Remix)DDR 7th
17A Minute (Extended Mix)DDR 7th
18Asa ga Mata KuruDS:DCT
19B4UDDR 4th/4th+/5th/PS4
20B4U (Remix)DDR 7th
21B4U Glorious StyleDDR 5th
22Baby Baby Gimme Your LoveDDR 4th/4th+/5th/PS4
23Baby Love MeDDR 7th
24Bad GirlsDDR 2nd/2nd Link/4th/4th+/PS2
25Ba KkwoDDR 3rd+/4th/4th+
26Been so LongDDR Club/Club2
27Beginning of LifeDDR Club2
28Be in my ParadiseDDR Club2
29Be TogetherDDR 5th
30Boom Boom DollarDDR 2nd/2nd Link/4th/4th+/PS2
31Boom Boom Dollar (K.O.G. G3 Mix)DDR 3rd/4th/4th+/5th/PS3
32BoysDDR 2nd/2nd Link/4th/4th+/PS1/PS2
33Boys (Euro Mix)DDR 4th/4th+/5th/PS4
34Break DownDDR 7th
35Brilliant 2UDDR 2nd/2nd Link/4th/4th+/5th/BASS/2000/Club2/PS2/PS3
36Brilliant 2U (Remix)DDR 7th
37Brilliant 2U Orchestral GrooveDDR 2nd/2nd Link/4th/4th+/PS2/PS3
38Broken My HeartDDR 5th
39Bu DamDDR 3rd+/4th/4th+
40Bumble BeeDDR 3rd+/4th/4th+/5th/PS4
41Burning HeatDDR 7th
42Burnin' The FloorDDR 4th/4th+/5th/PS4
43Burnin' The Floor (Remix)DDR 7th
44ButterflyDDR 1st/1.5/2nd/2nd Link/4th/4th+/5th/PS1
45Butterfly (Upswing Mix)DDR 3rd/4th/4th+/PS3
46Bye Bye Baby BalloonDDR 6th
47ByulDDR 3rd+/4th/4th+
48CafeDDR 4th+/5th
49CandyDDR 6th
50Candy (Vocal)DDR 7th
51Can't Stop Fallin' in LoveDDR 4th/4th+/5th/2000
52Can't Stop Fallin' In Love Speed MixDDR 5th
53Can You Dig It?DS:TKD
54Captain Jack (Grandale Remix)DDR 3rd/4th/4th+/5th/PS3
55Cat's Eye (Ventura Mix)DDR 4th+/5th
56CelebrateDDR Club/Club2
57Celebrate NiteDDR 4th+/5th/DS:TKD/2000
58Celebrate Nite (Remix)DDR 7th
59Chim Chim Cher-eeDISNEY
60Chotto Kiite Na (Zanshin-na Mix)DDR Club2
61Club TropicanaDDR BASS/2000
62Conga FeelingDDR 4th+/5th
63Cow GirlDDR 6th
64Cutie ChaserDDR 3rd+/4th/4th+/PS3
65D2RDDR 7th
66Dam DamiramDDR 3rd/4th/4th+/5th/PS3
67Dam Damiram (KCP Mix)DDR 4th/4th+/5th/PS4
68Dancing All AloneDDR 5th/PS4
70Dead EndDDR 3rd/4th/4th+/5th/PS3
71Deep Clear EyesDDR Club2
72Deep in YouDDR Club2
73DestinyDDR 7th
74Disco InfernoDISNEY
75DiveDDR 5th
76Dive more Deep and Deeper StyleDDR 6th
77Diving MoneyDDR Club2
78Do it all NightDDR 3rd/4th/4th+/PS3
79Do it RightDDR 6th
80Do Me (K.I.G.E.O. Mix)DDR 4th+/5th
81Don't Clock MeDDR BASS/2000
82Don't Stop (AMD 2nd Mix)DDR 4th/4th+/5th/PS4
83Do The Bus StopDISNEY
84Do You Love Me?DDR Club/Club2
85Do You Remember MeDDR 6th
86Dr. LoveDDR Club/Club2
87Dream a DreamDDR 4th/4th+/5th/PS4
88Dream a Dream (Miami Booty Mix)DDR 2000
89Drifting AwayDDR 7th
90Drill InstructorDDR 2000
91Drop OutDDR 4th/4th+/5th/2000
92Drop Out (Remix)DDR 7th
93Drop the BombDDR 3rd+/4th/4th+/PS3
94Dub-I-DubDDR 2nd/2nd Link/4th/4th+/5th/PS2
95DXY!DDR 5th
96Dynamite RaveDDR 3rd/4th/4th+/5th/2000/PS3
97Dynamite Rave (Remix)DDR 7th
98Dynamite Rave (Long Ver.)DDR 5th
99Eat You UpDDR 4th/4th+/5th/PS4
100EcstasyDDR 5th
101Ecstasy (Remix)DDR 7th
102Electrical Parade (Retro Future Mix)DISNEY
103Electro Tuned (the SubS Mix)DDR 5th
104El Ritmo TropicalDDR 2nd Link/4th/4th+/PS2
105E-motionDDR Club2
106End of the CenturyDDR 3rd/4th/4th+/5th/PS3
107Era (Nostal Mix)DDR 4th/4th+/5th/PS4
108Ever SnowDDR 7th
109Exotic EthnicDDR 6th
110FaceDDR 3rd+/4th/4th+
111FantasyDDR 6th
112Fantasy (Max 2)DDR 7th
114FireflyDDR 6th
115Flashdance (What a Feeling)DDR 3rd/4th/4th+/PS3
116Flash in the NightDDR 6th
117Follow MeDDR 6th
118Follow the sunDDR 3rd/4th/4th+/PS4
119FreakyDDR BASS/2000
120Freckles (KCP Re-edit)DDR 6th
121Furuhata's ThemeDDR 4th/4th+/5th/PS4
122GambolDDR Club2
123Genom ScreamsDDR Club2
124Gentle StressDDR 3rd/3rd+/4th/4th+/Club2/PS3
125Get Me in Your SightDDR 4th/4th+/5th/PS4
126Get OffDDR BASS/2000
127Get Up and DanceDDR 3rd/4th/4th+/PS3
128Get Up (Before the Night is Over)DDR 3rd/4th/4th+/PS3
129Get Up'n MoveDDR 2nd/2nd Link/4th/4th+/BASS/2000/PS2
130Ghosts (Vincent De Moor Remix)DDR 6th
131Gimme Gimme GimmeDDR 3rd+/4th/4th+/5th/PS4
132G.M.D.DDR Club2
133Go On, Baby!DS:DCT
134GotchaDDR 4th/4th+/5th/PS4
135Gradiusic CyberDDR 3rd/3rd+/4th/4th+/Club2/PS3
136GrooveDDR PS4/6th
137Groove 2001DDR PSE/6th
138Haretara Ii, NeDS:DCT
139Have You Never Been MellowDDR 1st/1.5/2nd/2nd Link/4th/4th+/PS1
140Have You Never (MM Grovin Mix)DDR 4th/4th+/5th/PS4
141Healing VisionDDR 5th
142Healing Vision Angelic MixDDR 6th
143Hello AgainDS:TKD
144HeroDDR 2nd/2nd Link/4th/4th+/PS2
145Hero (HG Mix)DDR 4th/4th+/5th/PS4
146Hero (KCP Mix)DDR 3rd+/4th/4th+/5th/PS4
147High EnergyDDR 2000
148HigherDDR 4th/4th+/5th/PS4
149Higher (Remix)DDR 7th
150Highs Off U (Scorccio XY Mix)DDR 6th
151HolicDDR 4th/4th+/5th/PS4
152HolidayDDR 3rd/4th/4th+/PS3
153Hot LimitDDR 5th
154How do you Think?DS:TKD
155Hypnotic CrisisDDR 4th/4th+/5th/PS4
156HysteriaDDR 4th/4th+/5th/BASS/2000
157Hysteria (Remix)DDR 7th
158I Believe in MiraclesDDR 2nd/2nd Link/4th/4th+/5th/PS1/PS2
159I Don't Want to Miss a ThingDDR 2000
160I feel...DDR 7th
161I'm AliveDDR BASS/2000
162I'm Alive (Uncle 36 Sec remix)DDR 2000
163I'm in the Mood for DancingDDR 6th
164If You Can Say GoodbyeDDR 3rd/4th/4th+/PS3
165If You Were HereDDR 2nd/2nd Link/4th/4th+/5th/PS2
166If You Were Here (B4 ZA Beat Mix)DDR 4th/4th+/5th/PS4
167InsertionDDR 5th
168In the Heat of the NightDDR 4th/4th+/5th/PS4
169In the Navy '99 Disaster MixDDR 3rd/4th/4th+/PS3
170Into the WorldDDR Club2
171It Only Takes a MinuteDDR 3rd/4th/4th+/5th/PS4
172It's A Small WorldDISNEY
173It's A Small World (Ducking Hardcore Mix)DISNEY
174It's Raining MenDDR 7th
175It's So DeliciousDS:DCT
176I Want You BackDISNEY
177I Was the OneDDR 5th
178Jam Jam ReggaeDDR 3rd/3rd+/4th/4th+/Club/Club2/PS3
179Johnny B. GoodeDISNEY
180Justify My LoveDDR 6th
181KakumeiDDR 7th
182Keep on Movin'DDR 2nd/2nd Link/3rd/4th/4th+/Club2/PS2/PS3
183Kessen ha KinyoubiDS:DCT
184Kick the CanDDR 4th/4th+/5th/PS4
185Kiss MeDDR 2000
186Kung Fu FightingDDR 1st/1.5/2nd/2nd Link/4th/4th+/PS1
187Kung Fu Fighting (Miami Booty Mix)DDR BASS/2000
188La SenioritaDDR 3rd/4th/4th+/5th/PS3
189La Seniorita VirtualDDR 3rd+/4th/4th+/PS3
190Leading CyberDDR 4th/4th+/5th/PS4
191Let's Talk it OverDDR 4th/4th+/5th/PS4
192Let the Beat Hit 'emDDR 4th/4th+/5th/BASS/2000
193Let the Beat Hit 'em (BM II DX Version)DDR PSE
194Let the Beat Hit 'em (Classic R&B Style)DDR PSE/6th
195Let's Get DownDDR 1st/1.5/2nd/2nd Link/4th/4th+/PS1
196Let's GrooveDISNEY/6th
197Let Them MoveDDR 2nd/2nd Link/3rd/4th/4th+/PS2/PS3
198Let's Twist AgainDISNEY
199Little BitchDDR 1st/1.5/2nd/2nd Link/4th/4th+/PS1
200Little BoyDDR 7th
201Living in AmericaDDR 7th
202Look at usDDR 7th
203Look to the SkyDDR 6th
204Long Train Runnin'DDR 7th
205LoveDDR 2nd Link/4th/4th+/PS2
206Love Again TonightDDR 4th/4th+/5th/PS4
207Love Love LoveDS:DCT
208Love MachineDDR BASS/2000
209Love so GroovyDDR Club2
210Love this Feelin'DDR 3rd+/4th/4th+/2000/PS2/PS3
212Lovin' You (Rob Searle Club Mix)DDR 6th
213Lupin the 3rd '78DDR 4th+/5th
214Luv to MeDDR 3rd/3rd+/4th/4th+/5th/Club/Club2/PS3
216Macho DuckDISNEY
217Macho GangDDR Club2
218Make A Jam!DDR 2nd Link/4th/4th+/PS1/PS2/PS3
219Make it BetterDDR 1.5/2nd/2nd Link/4th/4th+/PS1/PS2/PS3
220Make it Better (So-Real Mix)DDR 2nd/2nd Link/4th/4th+/PS2/PS3
221Make Your MoveDDR 4th/4th+/5th/PS4
222Matsuri JapanDDR 5th
223Matsuri Japan (Remix)DDR 7th
224Max 300DDR 6th
225Maximum OverdriveDDR 7th
226Maxx UnlimitedDDR 7th
227Melt in my ArmsDDR Club/Club2
228Mickey Mouse March (Eurobeat Mix)DISNEY
229Mickey Mouse March (Summertime Extend Mix)DISNEY
230Midnite BlazeDDR PS4/6th
231MiracleDDR 6th
232Moonlight ShadowDDR 5th
233More Than I Needed to KnowDDR 7th
234Movin On (Extended Moon Mix)DDR 5th
235Mr. BassmanDISNEY
236Mr. T (Take me Higher)DDR 5th
237Mr. WonderfulDDR 3rd/4th/4th+/PS3
238MusicDDR 4th/4th+/5th/PS4
239My Baby MamaDDR BASS/2000
240My FireDDR 1st/1.5/2nd/2nd Link/4th/4th+/PS1
241My Generation (Fat Beat Mix)DDR 5th
242My Summer LoveDDR 4th/4th+/5th/PS4
243My Summer Love (Remix)DDR 7th
244My Sweet Darlin'DDR 6th
245Na-NaDDR 4th+/5th
246Nante Aishitan DaroDS:DCT
247Neverending StoryDDR 5th
248Never Gonna MakeDDR 4th/4th+/5th/PS4
249Never Let You DownDDR 4th/4th+/5th/PS4
250Night In MotionDDR 4th/4th+/5th/PS4
251Night of FireDISNEY
252No Limit (RM Remix)DDR 5th
253Nori Nori NoriDDR 6th
254Nothing Gonna StopDDR 7th
255Odoru PonpokolinDDR 5th
256Oh, Nick, Please not so QuickDDR 3rd/4th/4th+/PS3
257One TwoDDR 4th/4th+/5th/PS4
258Only YouDDR 4th/4th+/5th/PS4
259On The JazzDDR 6th
260Oops!...I Did it AgainDDR 5th
261OperatorDDR 3rd/4th/4th+/PS3
262Ordinary WorldDDR 6th
263Orion.78 (AMeuro-MIX))DDR 4th/4th+/5th/PS4
264Orion.78 Civilization MixDDR PS4/6th
265Over and OverDS:TKD
266OverdoserDDR Club2
267Paranoia 180DDR 1st/1.5/2nd/2nd Link/4th/4th+/PS1/PS2/PS3
268Paranoia 190 (Rebirth)DDR 3rd/4th/4th+/PS3
269Paranoia EternalDDR 5th
270Paranoia EvolutionDDR 4th/4th+/5th/BASS/2000
271Paranoia KCET (Clean Mix)DDR 2nd Link/4th/4th+/PS1/PS2/PS3
272Paranoia Max (Dirty Mix)DDR 2nd/2nd Link/4th/4th+/5th/Club2/PS1/PS2/PS3
273PatsennerDDR Club2
275Perfect FreeDDR Club2
276Petit LoveDDR 4th+/5th
277Pink DinosaurDDR 4th/4th+/5th/PS4
278Precious MomentsDS:TKD
279Prince on a StarDDR Club2
280Pure MindDS:TKD
281Put Your Faith in MeDDR 2nd/2nd Link/4th/4th+/PS2/PS3
282Put Your Faith in Me (Jazz Groove Mix)DDR 2nd/2nd Link/4th/4th+/PS2/PS3
283Queen Jamaica (Astria Mix)DDR Club2
284R3DDR Club/Club2
285Radical FaithDDR 5th
286Rain of SorrowDDR 7th
287Remember YouDDR 5th
289Rhythm & PoliceDDR 4th+/5th
290Right NowDDR 5th
291Ring! Ring! Ring!DS:DCT
292Rock BeatDDR 3rd/4th/4th+/PS3
293Romance no KamisamaDDR 5th
294Rugged AshDDR Club2
295Saints Go Marching RemixDDR 4th/4th+/PS4
296Salamander Beat Crush MixDDR Club2
297Samba De JaneiroDDR BASS/2000
298Sana Morette Ne EnteDDR 5th
299Secret RendesvousDDR 7th
300Sexy PlanetDDR 4th+/5th/DS:TKD/2000
301Sexy Planet (Remix)DDR 7th
302Shake Your BootyDDR 4th/4th+/5th/PS4
303Share My LoveDDR PS4/6th
304Shooting StarDDR 4th/4th+/5th/PS4
305Silent HillDDR 3rd/4th/4th+/PS3
306Silent Hill (Remix)DDR 7th
307Ska a Go GoDDR Club2
308Sky HighDDR 4th+/5th
309Sky High (DJ Miko)DDR 2000
310SmokeDDR 2nd/2nd Link/4th/4th+/PS2
311Snow DanceDS:DCT
312So Deep (Perfect Sphere Remix)DDR 6th
313So Fabulous, So FierceDDR 7th
314So Many MenDDR 3rd/PS3
315Somewhere Over the RainbowDDR 6th
316Special EnergyDDR Club/Club2
317Spin the DiscDDR 7th
318StayDDR 7th
319Still in my HeartDDR 5th
320Still in my Heart (Remix)DDR 7th
321Stomp to my BeatDDR 2nd/2nd Link/4th/4th+/5th/PS2
322Strictly BusinessDDR 1st/1.5/2nd/2nd Link/PS1
323Strut Your Funky StuffDDR 2000
324Sung SukDDR 3rd+/4th/4th+
326Super StarDDR 4th/4th+/5th/BASS/2000
327Super Star (Remix)DDR 7th
329Surfin' U.S.A.DISNEY
330Sweet Sweet MagicDDR 7th
331Swing itDDR 5th
332Synchronized LoveDDR 4th+/5th/PS4
333Telephone Operator (Club Mix)DDR 6th
334Tell me Tell meDDR 3rd+/4th/4th+
335Temple of LoveDDR 2000
336Test my BestDDR 5th
337That's the Way '98DDR BASS/2000
338That's the Way (I Like it)DDR 1st/1.5/2nd/2nd Link/4th/4th+/PS1
339The 7 JumpDDR 4th/4th+/5th/PS4
340The BumpDISNEY
341The Center of the Heart (Stonebridge Clubmix)DISNEY/6th
342The CubeDDR 5th
343The Earth LightDDR Club2
344The Monster is ComingDS:DCT
345The RaceDDR 3rd/4th/4th+/PS3
346The ReflexDDR 7th
347The Rhyme BrokersDDR Club/Club2
348The Twist (Double Pump Mix)DDR 5th
349The Whistle SongDDR 7th
350Theme from Enter the DragonDDR 4th+/5th
351Theme from Flo-JackDDR Club/Club2
352There You'll BeDDR 7th
353Think Ya Better DDDR 3rd+/4th/4th+/2000/PS2/PS3
354Together & Forever (Captain Jack)DDR BASS/2000
355Together & Forever (Bass Mix)DDR 2000
356Trance De JaneiroDDR 7th
357Tribal Dance (Almighty Mix)DDR 5th
358Trip MachineDDR 1.5/2nd/2nd Link/4th/4th+/PS1/PS2/PS3
359Trip Machine ClimaxDDR 4th/4th+/5th/PS4
360Trip Machine Jungle MixDDR 2nd/2nd Link/4th/4th+/BASS/2000/PS2/PS3
361Trip Machine Luv MixDDR 3rd+/4th/4th+/2000/PS2/PS3
362True... (Radio Edit)DDR 6th
363True... (Trance Sunrise Mix)DDR 6th
364TsugaruDDR 7th
365Tsugaru (Remix)DDR 7th
366TubthumpingDDR 2nd Link/4th/4th+/PS2
367Turn me onDDR 3rd/4th/4th+/PS3
368Twilight Zone (R-C Extended Club MIX)DISNEY/6th
369Typical TropicalDDR 2000
370Upside DownDDR 3rd/4th/4th+/PS3
371Ureshii! Tanoshii! Daisuki!DS:DCT
374Vol. 4 (Raver's Choice)DDR 3rd/4th/4th+/PS3
375WaDDR 3rd+/4th/4th+
376Waka LakaDDR 7th
377Walkie TalkieDDR 4th/4th+/5th/PS4
378Wild RushDDR 4th/4th+/5th/2000
379Wild Rush (Remix)DDR 7th
380Witch Doctor (Giants Toons Version)DDR 6th
381Wonda (Speed K Mix)DDR 4th+/5th
382WonderlandDDR 3rd/4th/4th+/PS3
383WWW.BLONDE Girl (Momo Mix)DDR 6th
384XanaduDDR 3rd/4th/4th+/5th/PS4
385You Make MeDDR Club/Club2
386Young ForeverDDR 4th/4th+/5th/PS4
387Yozora no MukoDDR 6th


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