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DDRMAN2 is a parody of the game "Megaman 2" (Japanese "Rockman 2") for the Nintendo 8-bit Entertainment console (Japanese "Famicom" console). To run this, you will need an NES emulator of some sort for your PC.

This game was made as a sort of joke that came up on a discussion board for a completely unrelated game "Dance Dance Revolution". I expanded upon this joke by incorporating myself as the main character in DDRMAN2, using the aliases of members from DDR Team Seattle as enemies in the game. There are many people that are good at DDR, but how many others have their own video game?

This is a work in progress. By no means is it "fully" complete, but hacking an NES rom is a daunting task at best, and I have yet to incorporate my NES versions of the music from DDR in the game itself. I have only figured out how to change colors/text/levels/sprites.

If you have any knowledge of ROM hacking, or would like to assist me in completing this "project" (ha ha), then feel free to drop a line.

For any pertinent legal information, see the [Legal] section of this page (as in why I went out and bought the original NES cart)


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