Aaron's Extra Photos/Pics Page

These are just random DDR/Game related photos/images I (or others) have taken/created. Most are real. The ones that are not should be obvious.

Game/Description Performer(s)
The amazing FoyBoy21 puttin' on the moves (handstand) on the dance floorFoy
The amazing FoyBoy21 getting a full combo while doing Trip Machine Climax S4R (Maniac)Foy
The most amazing FoyBoy getting only 3 greats on Leading Cyber S4R (Heavy)Foy
FoyBoy getting a full combo on Drop Out S4R (Heavy)Foy
FoyBoy playing Healing Vision Angelic on 3x Speed Shuffle (Heavy)Foy
FoyBoy getting a full combo on Healing Vision Angelic 3x Shuffle (Heavy)Foy
Here's something: All "Greats" on a DDR songEmDW
Here's something more: A score of 0 on a DDR song without failing itAKK
GPF Lith does the "All Great" thing on Happy Wedding Heavy (DDR EX)GPF Lith
Take and Yasu get the same score with a different # of greats on "Graduation"Take and Yasu
Yasu gets an AAA on Exotic Ethnic...5 times in a row, and then purposely lets the extra stage failYasu
"P" showing his mastery at House of the Dead IIIP
Windeu tries for all "Greats" on a DDR oni courseWindeu32
"qkumbr" shows what happens on a bootleg Max 2 when the background animation and "%" indicator freeze during an oni course, but you can still play to the end of the current songqkumbr
"Phil Ver" shows what happens when a DDR Extreme machine crashes during an oni coursePhil Ver
"Toastercookie" shows his "1337" comboToastercookie
"Joseph" shows how he cleared "Afronova (Light)" on shuffle stealth Joseph
"turbo jjjang" shows just how messed up the grading is on DDR MAX USAturbo jjjang
"darkrain4u" shows just how messed up the grading is on DDR MAX 2 USAdarkrain4u
"Taren" maxes out the score counter on DDR KonamixTaren
Yasu's Score for Legend Road that took the #1 spot on the IRYasu
Take's Legend of Max AA with 1 greatTake
Take's Maxx Unlimited AA with 12 non-perfect stepsTake
Take's Maxx Unlimited AA on Double (Extra Stage)Take
What was almost the most amazing AAA photo ever...Yasu and Take
Yasu (and Take) dominate the Paranoia Brothers Oni CourseYasu and Take
Yasu played Max 300 3 times...with 1 great
(puposely didn't play Maxx until he failed)
Akudaikan is so popular, he made the cover of National GeographicAkudaikan
"Mindwa" summons the magic Konami number from another gameMindwa
Cynic 573 helps Yasu endorse "V" colaYasu
Yasu made the cover of "People" magazineYasu
Yasu in "The AAAtrix"Yasu
Yasu in "Back to the AAA"Yasu
Yes, there really is a "Yasu" train station in JapanYasu
Ackbar in "It's a Trap!"Admiral Ackbar & Darth Vader
Ackbar's "Extra Stage"Admiral Ackbar
Take's Twin Galaxies World Record attemptTake
Spiderman takes Time's Man of the Year AwardSpiderman
The *New* Oni CoursesAaron, Yasu, Take
*THIS IS NOT A REAL PHOTO YOU FOOLS* Yasu sets a new high (low?) with an AAAAYasu
The first AAA on BMIIDX I ever got a photo ofSome Guy
Another AAA on BMIIDX (on an Expert song)Some Regular Guy
An AAA on BMIIDX with a 188,888 scoreTran
Another AAA on BMIIDX at Muthos by NVLMNVLM
GPF Lith and his 6 greats on Matsuri Japan ManiacGPF Lith
Nykkel with a bunch of guys at MuthosNykkel, Phic, Take, others
Nykkel with AkudaikanNykkel, Akudaikan
Nykkel playing BM IIDX6thNykkel
Nykkel playing Tsurugi (sword with a button game)Nykkel
Yasu making a fool of himself for the cameraYasu
The real way to play Max 300Yasu, 3 others
Trying to get all Greats on Max 300Yohei
What kind of distribution is this?Take, Yasu
Taiki's home DDR pad (worth a fortune)Taiki, other guy
Why not to head to Kyoto right after New YearsToo many people
Take and his tournament-winning 1 great on Candy HeavyTake
No, no, you take the guitar *out* of the stand to play...oh wellSome weird guy
Me, Yasu, and Take (like out of a Western)Me, Yasu, and Take
Some Keyboard Mania 3rd Mix ScoresNoone in particular
Full combo of Max 300 Heavy with only 20 greatsPhic
High score list at Muthos (Dec. 2)Just Take
The Double non-EX high score list on DDR MAXAkudaikan
Poor Yasu...560 combo, only an A, and now tired outYasu
8 greats (his record is an AAA), and my lowly 13 (also, record of AAA), on So Deep Heavy (DDR MAX)Yasu, Aaron
2400+ Combo on DanceManiax 2nd MixAaron
Getting an AA on Max 300 on the second dayPhic
2000+ Combo on DrumMania 5thSome really good guy
Take almost getting a full combo on his first try at Max 300Take
2 Greats on No Limit Maniac (DDR 5th)Aaron
Result after doing No Limit 5 times in a row (DDR 5th), edging out AkudaikanAkudaikan, Aaron
Doing FoyBoy's insane "Era" edit at home with a full comboAaron
Some guy thinks he's Squall from FF8Obsessed fan


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