Haikus about my life and Japan

Ever since I was welcomed to Agematsu Junior High with a student saying:

Aaron ga
kurasu no mae de

(meaning: Aaron is in front of the class)

I have been inspired and challenged to make haikus about everyday life and events here in the Kiso region as well as my experiences in Japan. I know I will be lacking seasonal references in a lot of cases (which some may argue would not be a *true* haiku), but when I look at most of the Japanese haikus, they don't have seasonal references either (perhaps I need better sources than my schools' libraries?).

On Yokohama
It is really big
Not as large as, say, Tokyo
But still really big.
On People in Tokyo/Yokohama
They are all crazy
In a mad dash to nowhere
Do they know it, too?
On Japanese Classes in Yokohama
I am not stupid
I already know this stuff
Are you listening?
On my new neighbours in Yokohama
They think I am cute
Send their daughters to *meet* me
Darn! Only nineteen.
On my old Kiso teachers
For the love of God!
They all got married this year
I am next, they say.
On Typhoons
Big gusts of strong wind
Rain and such fall asunder
I am soaking wet
On my co-workers at Hitachi
The staff is brilliant
Experts with technology
How did I get here?
On leaving Kiso
Many students cried
"Please, don't leave," I heard them say
Hey! I am still here.
On "Food" in Japan
Everyone eats fish
Breakfast, lunch, and dinner, too.
Are there other meats?
On Engrish in Japan
They think they know it
Totally oblivious
That it makes no sense
On Nomikais (Drinking Parties)
A gallon of beer
I'll out-drink them anytime
Their secrets come out
On Skiing in Nagano
I am not that good
Fall all the way down pretty
Snow covered mountains
On bugs in Kiso
Really awful bugs
Decimeter cockroaches
Why won't they just die
On the snow in Kiso
I am now buried
Snow up to my waist at times
When is spring coming?
On my arrival in Kiso
Quite small and quiet
People stare at the only
Foreigner in town
On summer in Kiso
Not really that hot
My back lawn is infested
With really huge bugs
On my old friends at EPSON
People remember
My name and face from the past
Are you back for good?
On Tokyo
Totally insane
People are everywhere
Can I go home now?
On Matsumoto
A big black castle
A nice and friendly city
Just like Waterloo.
On my Karate class
Many new people
Shocked at my ability
Impress once again.
On Osaka
People talk funny
Looks a lot like Toronto
Without the homeless
On Kyoto
Many temples here
Wide and spacious all year round
Still a bit crowded
On Hiroshima
A big bomb fell here
But now is very peaceful
Beautiful city
On Miyajima
A pretty island
Good Momijimanju
Big gate, trees, and food
On Kiso-Fukushima Junior High
Here I teach english
Students just want my stickers
Colourful notebooks
On Kaida Junior High
On mount Ontake
High level education
All teachers tell jokes
On Mitake Junior High
Very small classes
English teacher is very
Sweet and kind to me
On Agematsu Junior High
Everyone friendly
Everyone likes what I do
My favourite school
On Kiso Special-Ed School
I play all day long
Students are very funny
Don't do any "work"
On Hiyoushi Junior High
They already have
An AET of their own
Why do I go there?
On winter in Kiso
Kerosene heater
City in hibernation
Bears are sleeping, too
On Christmas
Just eat the damn cake
It's chalk full of strawberries
Santa eats it, too
On para-para dancing
A brand new dance style
Wave your hands in front of you
Now, wasn't that fun?
On learning Kanji
After a small while
All characters look the same
How do I read this?