Let's go to Muthos!

Note that Muthos, although still exists, no longer houses music game cabinets due to a few controversial issues in the past. For music game fun, check out Brunswick Sports Garden in Ikebukuro, Leisure Land in Odaiba, Cat's Eye in Machida, or even HEY! in Akihabara. This page only exists to preserve the memory of Muthos.

What is "Muthos" and why should I go there?

Well, "Muthos" is a game center in Zama city where a lot of the top Bemani-game players in Japan hang out, and since I get more than a few requests asking how to get there, as a service to you all, here are the instructions.

I am assuming you are coming from Yokohama city (It is easy to get to Yokohama from Tokyo, and most of the signs will be in English, so really, it should not be a problem getting as far as Yokohama)

Click on a thumbnail image to get the bigger picture

1. Ride the "Sotetsu" line to "Sagamino" station

From Yokohama, near the west end of the station, there is a "Sotetsu" entrace. That is a private line the I ride to get home, and *you* can ride to get to Muthos. It is a red train line (though the recent ones are silver with a blue and yellow stripe (on the right side of this picture), and there is also one painted like a collage of small cartoons, but the red one is by far the most common. For around 300 yen, buy a ticket to "Sagamino". It is the stop 2 before the last one "Ebina". Now, take the train going to "Ebina" (not the one to "Shonandai", since that will take you god knows where). There are maps in the train to let you know where you are, and the conductor will announce each of the stations as you get there. The trip from Yokohama should be around 25 or so minutes by express train.

2. Go down the "right" set of stairs

Once past the ticket gate, there are two sets of stairs, one on the left, and one on the right. Take the one on the right (my picture doesn't show the one on the left)

3. Look Outside

Do you see something like this circular lot? If you do, you have gone the right way. Now, walk to the right around the walkway and down the street...

4. Go to the Lights.

...to the first set of lights right after the "Sunkus" convenience store on your right.

5. Turn Right

Does the street look like this after you turn right? Good! Now all you have to do is walk straight

6. Go straight through the next set of lights

After a few minutes, you will come to a set of lights. Here, just go straight.

7. Go straight through yet another set of lights

At the next set of lights (after another few minutes), go straight again. Also, at this intersection, there is a used car lot on your right, and there are two apartment complexes (you can see one in the picture) across the street

8. Go straight until the road bends to the left

The road will suddenly make a sharp turn to the left, so follow it

9. See the car dealership?

If you see a big light pink building (seems white in my picture due to the sheer brightness of the day), you are almost there. Walk towards it.

10. Walk under the underpass

In the auto dealership (Mazda), there is a small walkway that cuts through the lot. Go through there.

11. Look on your right

Wow! There it is.

Now that you are at Muthos, come play with the regular, strange people!


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