A woods is a big creature

I like woods very much.

Because in the woods colors of leaves vary in every season and they are beautiful and in hot days of summer and snow falling days in winter the trees stand heavily and they try to live for their lives.

However, the trees of the woods are decreasing, so I read the book of 'A woods is a big creature' to know the proper part and the importance of the woods, and I wanted all to know them, too.

A woods supports soil firmly and stops collapsing, and sticks the grain of the soil to make hard to move.

And it is a tank of water.

It keeps water like a sponge and the water flows out from the woods little by little, so the water flows in the river in the season it doesn't rain.

Thanks to woods that keep water, we can use and drink it.

And leaves, branches, and trunks of trees take the fine dust which can't be seen in the air.

And plants absorb carbon dioxide and vomit oxygen.

We are living by sucking oxygen.

If plants decrease, oxygen decreases, too.

So woods are very important for us.

Many creatures are in the woods.

But, when the exhaust of the car dissolves in the rain, it becomes acid material, and pours into the ground as an "acid rain".

Acid rain blights trees.

Then, the creatures that live in the woods die.

I think that we must treasure not only woods but also all the nature which includes the river as well.

Nowadays, the afforestation woods make artificially increase little by little and they are being used for the material of the furniture, the firewood and the charcoal, and so on.

I sometimes just throw trash away in the roadside though I think "We must take care of woods."

I want to try not to throw trash away from now because an environment gets bad when trash is thrown away.

It is one reason that an environment gets bad, but an insect blighting trees is another cause as for trees' decreasing.

Hairy caterpillars eat leaves and larvae of "Koganemushi" eat roots in the soil.

And a microorganism in the soil makes to cause illness when it is stuck to the plants.

Trees can't be recovered and die due to the damage like this.

In Nara Prefecture, there was a precious wooks covered with "Touhi" woods where a lot of moss grew.

But the people who walk the inside of the woods began to increase to see a wonderful scene when drive way was built.

Some people plucked the moss, so the surface of the soil dried, and bamboo grass began to grow.

"Touhi" couldn't grow in the bamboo grass, so precious "Touhi" woods disappeared.

In my homevillage Kaida, we have planted trees in the place where it was field, but sightseers have increased because new facilities for the sightseeing have been built.

When sightseers increase, exhaust and the trash of the roadside increase, too.

The problem like this exists only in Kaida village.

I think that we must not be relieved just because we plant and raise trees.

Let's treasure necessary woods for us to live.


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