The Max 2 Oni Course Calculator (Single Mode Only):

Oni Course
Total number of steps/freezes:

Maximum Dance Points:

Your Dance Points:

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Use the pull-down menu to select a course (the step counts to default to that for 100% for the course).
Listings of the songs in the different oni courses are here

1 Enter different values in the Perfect/Great/Good/Boo/Miss/OK/NG fields and click "Calculate Percentage" to determine your final percentage ranking on the course
2 Enter a desired percentage in the "Your Result Percentage" field, and click "Calculate Min. Full Combo Steps" button to calculate how many Perfects, Greats, and OKs you would need to get that percentage. (Note that this assumes you will finish the course, so percentages of 50% or lower are automatically guaranteed provided you finish the course)
3 The "Reset" Button resets the values for the course back to that which would earn 100%

NOTE : This Javascript code is still a bit buggy with illegal character input.

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