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Yasu (as he likes to be called) is a very skilled player at DDR; so much so that he has been able to get an all-perfect rating (AAA) for arguably one of the hardest songs in the entire DDR series. Many cried foul as the thought of doing that causes tiny minds to explode across the world. Yasu's image would frequently be used on DDR/Game discussion boards for various reasons. Some still do not believe it is real, despite the numerous witnesses, photos, and videos of him doing it freely available over the web.

Anyways, eventually, his photo found its' way to www.fark.com, which features (among other things) regular "Photoshop" contents in which a source image is used to make various digitally-edited "creations", and here is the thread in which Yasu was featured.

Since over time, the links to the images there will be broken as people delete the images from their servers, I have decided to preserve some of the ones I and the gang here found amusing for one reason or another. Please enjoy. (Click on the thumbnails for the big picture)

The original photo (resized to 640x480)

Artist : RepoMan

This is a reference to the character "Dave" from the TV show "Newsradio". There is one episode in which Stargate is installed in their office and Dave becomes addicted to playing it. There are also several references made to him wasting his childhood away in arcades, playing Stargate and staying a virgin by doing so. (thanks to ddrknight for the info.)

Artist : RepoMan

Yasu making the "L"oser sign.

Artist : Corvid

Yasu trapped in the desert...

Artist : H2ogate

Yasu tries his hands at X-men for a change.

Artist : Ash2k

Yasu getting off the "special" school bus.

Artist : Yammering_Splat_Vector

Yasu's face on a stamp celebrating inner-city crack addiction

Artist : Megain

Some sort of warning...

Artist : The_entropy_kid

Yasu doing well at "The Last Starfighter" before heading to Rylos.

Artist : Barneyfifesbullet

This is just the DVD menu for "Godzilla" in place of the game screen, but maybe Yasu's pose adds to it

Artist : Allivymar

Michael Jackson has his own game/accomplishment

Artist : DrToast

A reminder about the dangers of shop class

Artist : John_Ross

I can't remember which movie this scene was from, but I know Yasu wasn't originally in it

Artist : Lot_Lizard

This picture takes its' reference from the movie "Momento" (thanks to ddrknight for the info.)

Artist : Lot_Lizard

I suppose if he were playing NBA Jam...

Artist : Maasgarid

Yasu's hand appears in the Addams Family movie poster

Artist : Typing.monkey

Taking the Addams family reference one step further

Artist : Brad_Will

This is in reference to a previous photoshop "contest" on fark.com of Moby Hummer and friends (link is here) (Thanks to "Hawat" for the info.)

Artist : DocBubonic

The "Icy Hot" thing is a reference to The Icy Hot Stuntaz (a group of kids who think they're cool)

Artist : Tom G

The proportions of the faces are off, but it sort of looks like something out of an old technicolor movie

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