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Artist : Smoogren

Yasu inserted in "Dawn of the Dead"

Artist : Brahm2

I guess this is for those who don't believe it is possible to do what Yasu did

Artist : Courtney Cox-Zucker

One "Loc'd Out Asian"...whatever that means

Artist : MrCynical

Yasu with his own car/license plate

Artist : Brahm2

Age doesn't matter with DDR, it seems

Artist : Collywobbles

Why the football gear? No, I don't know either.

Artist : Foxyg

Interesting "Trading Places" idea

Artist : Aitrus33

A reference to "Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring" (Thanks to ddrknight for the info.)

Artist : Cranialsodomy

A reference to some old 50s Sci-Fi film (Thanks to ddrknight for the info.)

Artist : Bnzo

Taking the "Try Extra Stage" phrase to new heights.

Artist : Karthesios

France surrenders. Game Over.

Artist : Courtney Cox-Zucker

A reference to a "Seinfeld" episode in which George (the man depicted over top of Yasu's face) decides to buy an old "Frogger" machine from a pizzeria he went to as a teenager. The thing is that the machine has his high score on it, and if he shuts the power off, his score will be lost. So, he attempts to hook it up to a generator and wheel it out, but it doesn't work very well... (Thanks to ddrknight for the info.)

Artist : Godamnlimey

Yasu in the hospital (after playing too much DDR I assume)

Artist : Hardlyneeded (I think)

A reference to "The Ring"

Artist : Speedialer

Yasu *is* the evil overlord

Artist : Rascalkingg

Hamster Dance Dance Revolution?

Artist : Madvoodo

Yasu appears in some kid's 3-D book

Artist : Ashtonxxx

Crash Crash Revolution...made by Microsoft

Artist : Blipvert

Arguably the best one. Very talented work of Yasu coming out of the screen.

Artist : Pest_control (I think)

It is now safe to shut down your computer

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