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Here are some works done by myself and other students (Japanese font required for some works)

The Future of Japan and English
Shiori Kito
She is only 14 (2nd year JHS), yet she is alreay looking to be in a league of her own. She placed in the top 4 for the Prefectural JHS English speech contest (This essay is kept as was originally written)
Cultural Difference (Japanese and English)
Me and Ayako Oooto (yes that is spelled right)
Written for a multimedia speech for Agematsu JHS on cultural difference. I translated it and Ayako proofread it
A Woods is a Big creature
3rd year student at Kaida Junior High
Written for a speech contest. I was asked to check the english of this particular version
Random Thoughts (Japanese)
I was asked to write a formal composition for Agematsu Junior High's Student Magazine. This is the final version (already proofread by others)
DDR (English and Japanese)
To help out the locals at Matsumoto's XYZ game center, I translated (?) all of the spoken comments made by Konami's "Dance Dance Revolution 4th Mix Plus"
Haiku (English)
Some haikus I wrote about my life in Japan

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